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Aldous Huxley concludes The Devils of Loudun (1952) with bibliography of previous accounts of “diabolic drama” at which Loudun pastor was burned at stake

In the last few pages of The Devils of Loudun (1952), Aldous Huxley shares thoughts regarding optimal ways to work toward advancement of human consciousness, within the context of spiritual pursuits. He also lists the sources he used in writing his overview of the “diabolic drama,” as Huxley terms it, in which a pastor of […]


Holocaust history and postwar testimony are explored in Christopher Browning’s 2003 study of Adolf Eichmann’s self-portrayal in Jerusalem

The current post and subsequent ones (if I get around to them) are concerned with three books about the Second World War: (1) Collected Memories: Holocaust History and Postwar Testimony (2003) (2) Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland (2017) (3) The Third Reich in History and Memory (2015) History of […]