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The difference between what is said and what is done matters

A May 16, 2016 London School of Economics blog article is entitled: “From the Third Way to the Big Society: the rise and fall of social capital.” An Aug. 16, 2016 Forbes article is entitled: “The Lesson Behind Fortune’s ‘Change the World’ List.” The topics addressed in the two, above-noted articles are of interest to […]


Stories and frames

Stories and frames Update: The ‘Arab spring’ topic is of much interest. We have many choices regarding how we contextualize – that is, frame, or place within a framework – pivotal events (inflection points) that arose years ago. At all times, our access to the past, to history in whichever form, is through the portal […]


Essentialism as an element of postmodernist discourse

In August 2012, I spent time writing blog posts about a book by the historian Peter Burke dealing with the role of cultural theory in the study of history. I was interested to learn, in the foreword or introduction to the book, that Peter Burke had began his study of this topic when he was asked to […]


Glen Gatenby argues that William Faulkner’s 1918 flying lessons in Toronto launched the writer’s literary career

I’ve read many accounts of William Faulkner’s stay in Toronto where he took flying lessons with the aim of becoming a First World War fighter pilot. On occasion, I’ve observed that a writer, describing the novelist’s stay in Toronto apparently accepts, at face value, Faulkner’s description of the time he allegedly landed with his plane upside stuck […]