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Make it Stick: The Science of Successful Learning (2014) speaks of “growth mindsets”

In previous posts, I’ve spoken of Ellen Langer’s concept of mindful learning (based on her particular definition of mindfulness) and have also spoken of research about how we learn, the concept of the organized mind, and how to maintain “memory fitness.” 8 tips for studying smarter I was thinking about the above-related topics when I came […]


What is mindfulness?

The purpose of this post is to highlight a range of definitions for the term “mindfulness.” I’ve written this post primarily to organize my own thinking with regard to how the term is defined, by different people, in different contexts. I believe there is value in precision in the use of language when concepts such […]


WOOP (Oettingen 2014): Wish | Outcome | Obstacle | Plan

For many years, I’ve had several projects on the go at the same time, and am always looking for better ways to get things done. Among the resources that I’ve found helpful are the following: Ellen Langer’s concept – a particular version, as she conceptualizes it – of mindfulness is useful. I’ve outlined her approach […]


Mindfulness stands in contrast to mindlessness

An Oct. 22, 2014 New York Times article is entitled: “What if age is nothing but a mind-set?” The article describes an experiment in which a group of subjects in their senior years, who had graduated from high school many decades earlier, were provided an intensive array of sensory cues – such as music from the 1950s, […]