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Land-use decision making along the Lake Ontario shoreline is of much interest

By way of a news update, in the event anybody has an interest in such topics, we’ve recently sold our house on Villa Road and no longer live in Toronto. We have sold our house on Villa Road with thanks to great work by a great real estate team: In my new role as […]


Toronto residents have the right to record public meetings, related to land-use decision making, and to publish news reports based upon direct quotations from such meetings

The purpose of the current post is to underline that residents of Toronto and other municipalities have the right to record public meetings and to report on them, through blogs and other means. As a long-time blogger, I attended a public meeting, organized by the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association, on April 4, 2018: Opposition to […]


Local resident Ron Jamieson, with a strong background in data analysis, outlines emerging trends in land-use decision making in Long Branch

Having lived in Long Branch for 21 years, I’ve noticed that some residents just spin their wheels, while others get things done. On May 30, 2018 I spoke with Ron Jamieson, whose background includes marketing and engineering. Given his strong analytical skills, and a strong attachment to Long Branch, Ron gets things done. At our interview, we spoke […]


Culture of decision making at the OMB changed dramatically over the past 25 years; Bill 139 seeks to get land-use planning back on the right track

As a resident of south Etobicoke for the past 20 years, I’ve been following, with much interest, recent initiatives to reform the Ontario Municipal Board. I’ve made it a point, in this context, to attend two days of hearings at Queen’s Park in October 2017, regarding the provincial government’s OMB Reform legislation, before the legislation (known as […]