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Power speaks its own language: Contemporary social media propaganda focuses on denigration of standard perceptions of reality

Click here for previous posts about propaganda > A previous post is entitled: Power speaks its own language: Can historiography (generally, the writing of history featuring standard language usage) teach us anything of value with regard to extreme violence? As a follow-up to the post, I refer to a Dec. 18, 2018 New Yorker article […]


Respect creates its own narrative

In the course of my life, I’ve faced the usual numbers of trials and tribulations. From time to time, I’ve learned things that have stood me in good stead. One of the things I have learned, with regard to life’s challenges, is that respect speaks its own language. Respect, that is. creates its own narrative. […]


Ghosts of Empire (2011) analyzes British imperialism from the perspective of its rulers

There was nothing liberal about the British empire, claims to the contrary notwithstanding. In Ghosts of Empire (2011), Kwasi Kwarteng argues that “Britain’s empire was not liberal in the sense of being a plural, democratic society. The empire openly repudiated ideas of human equality and put power and responsibility into the hands of a chosen elite, drawn […]