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Blurbs define us and tell us who we are

It’s great to have a Twitter account and a blog, because they offer a person a way to organize her or his thinking and learn from other people. My topic concerns the nature of reality. How do we make sense of reality? We have available to us a wide range of academic, corporate, and political […]


What is worth preserving?

What is worth preserving? Our attitudes toward ruins and historically significant buildings and cultural landscapes have a relationship to a wider conversation about what matters. After the Second World War, destruction of heritage properties and landscapes was the norm in much of the world, a practice which in some cases continues today. Jane Jacobs among […]


Rhetoric of heritage preservation

Update: A Feb. 21, 2014 New Yorker article is entitled: “Why is academic writing so academic?” [End of update]   We can speak of rhetoric from a variety of perspectives. Rhetoric is a great topic for academic study. By way of example, early in his career Marshall McLuhan developed expertise in rhetoric as a field of […]


Positive thinking: Pro and con

In a book entitled The antidote: Happiness for people who can’t stand positive thinking (2012), Oliver Burkeman argues that positive thinking has its limitations. Another book along the same lines is The power of negative thinking: Using “defensive pessimism” to manage anxiety and perform at your peak (2001) by Julie K. Norem. Among books that […]


Here’s the church and there’s the congregation – Church and sect in Canada (1948)

What space can be used for is a question that concerns the geographical imagination, in the sense that James A. Tyner (2012) speaks of a person’s imagination. Although Tyner has, in the above-noted study, applied the concept of the geographical imagination specifically to the study of genocide, his conceptualization is equally applicable to other discussions – that […]


Next steps for Main Street Unionville, Ontario

I have an interest in Unionville following a visit to the town a year of two ago. I was interested to learn of its history, and what has been done to preserve heritage buildings. After that visit, I subscribed to an email newsletter from the Unionville BIA. The following information is from the newsletter. I […]


News highlights

Once or twice a week I send out news highlights to my email distribution list, which I set up as part of the Parkview School story, before I set up the Preserved Stories website. The news highlights, in turn, are based on my online Newsletter category. I set up the newsletter – a format that […]