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Drug wars and the power of rhetoric

An Oct. 18, 2013 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Mental illness: is ‘chemical imbalance’ theory a myth?” Chemical balance theory has fallen in status The subhead reads: “The chemical imbalance theory has fallen in status from bedrock scientific principle to mere marketing device in the minds of many researchers.” The assumption is questioned that brain […]


Blurbs define us and tell us who we are

It’s great to have a Twitter account and a blog, because they offer a person a way to organize her or his thinking and learn from other people. My topic concerns the nature of reality. How do we make sense of reality? We have available to us a wide range of academic, corporate, and political […]


Mobile phones kill more drivers than booze does, police say, sparking long weekend crackdown (Aug. 30, 2013 Globe and Mail)

Updates A Jan. 30, 2014 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “Distracted driving now deadlier than impaired driving.” A Feb. 4, 2014 CBC article is entitled: “Cellphone use behind the wheel could be stopped with technology.” The subhead reads: “Distracted driving’s potential to kill or injure others needs preventive policy now, Canadian doctors say.” An […]


Understanding Early Civilizations: A Comparative Study (Trigger 2003)

In a previous blog post, I’ve noted that the final chapter of Climate Wars (2012) refers (pp. 182-83) to a discussion in Tristes Tropiques in which Claude Lévi-Strauss describes the institutions, morals, and customs that he’s spent a lifetime studying as “the transient efflores­cence of a creation in relation to which they have no meaning, […]