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Our brain is not a unitary organ

As I have noted in a previous post, one of my favourite proverbs, which a Grade 4 student (originally from Newfoundland) shared with us during an English lesson that I taught when I was an elementary school teacher in Mississauga, Ontario, is the one that goes as follows: “A journey of a thousand miles begins […]


William Davies (2015) speaks of a happiness industry

Th title of the book is: The Happiness Industry: How the Government and Big Business Sold Us Well-Being (2015). I find the study of interest for several reasons. First, I am interested in the fact that, from a publishing perspective, the book seeks to address a niche market – which, roughly speaking, is the market […]


Comment from Charles Tsiang (MCHS ’62) at the post at which Elvis Presley said that the image is one thing and the human being is another

I’ve recently taken a break from work on the MCHS 2015 Reunion, but work has now resumed. My absence from the volunteer task of helping to organize the reunion, a task that focuses on the wider community, of which I am a part, is accounted for by the fact that a government agency alerted me […]


Switching from one task to another

In previous posts I’ve discussed the topic of how we learn: The research defies what we’ve been told: How We Learn (2014) and The Handbook of Language Socialization (2014) Mindfulness stands in contrast to mindlessness Memories are malleable – capable of being stretched or bent into different shapes Teaching I retired as an elementary teacher […]