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Everybody’s story matters: Speaking notes for Sept. 1, 2018 Nordic Meeting (for people who stutter) in Tallinn, Estonia

Update: A second post, regarding this talk, is entitled: Draft No. 2 of speaking notes: Sept. 1, 2018 Tallinn talk [End]   Between 1988 and 2003, over a period of 15 years, I did a lot of volunteer work on behalf of people who stutter. Sometimes, I would work at this night and day. These […]


Land-use decision making along the Lake Ontario shoreline is of much interest

By way of a news update, in the event anybody has an interest in such topics, we’ve recently sold our house on Villa Road and no longer live in Toronto. We have sold our house on Villa Road with thanks to great work by a great real estate team: In my new role as […]


Can the Alexander Technique help people who stutter speak more fluently?

I was interested to read an article, in the February 2018 newsletter of the Canadian Stuttering Association, about the Alexander Technique. The article describes the Alexander Technique as a speech therapy technique that aims to address stuttering at the subconscious level, by releasing what is described as a subconsciously engrained form of muscle tension – […]


Richard J. Evans’s trilogy and related 2015 text offers a valuable historical overview of Nazi Germany

Richard J. Evans’s Nazi Germany trilogy along with The Third Reich in History and Memory (2015) is strongly evidence-based, and is presented within a framework that is well-reasoned and well-informed by the available historiography. A Jan. 4, 2016 review by Christopher E. Mauriello, Salem State University, of The Third Reich in History and Memory (2015), […]


Sometimes, it’s good to listen. Sometimes, better not to!

It’s good to be a good listener, so that you know what the other person is thinking and feeling. On the other hand, sometimes a person encounters a form of self-talk that is not worth listening to at all. That sums up the key points in the article that follows. Canadian Stuttering Association board of […]


The Honourable Geoff Regan is Speaker of the House of Commons

A recent article that I’ve written for the Canadian Stuttering Association website is entitled: Speaker of the House of Commons, Geoff Regan A longer version of the article, which will appear at the Preserved Stories website, will be entitled: “Now Speaker of the House of Commons, in the summer of 1982, Geoff Regan dropped into […]