Aerodrome plaque in Lakeview and mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East

I’m pleased to share with you a photo of the Aerodrome plaque that is on view some distance to the west of the Small Arms building at Lakeshore Road East and Dixie Road. It’s along the bike path near the abandoned railway tracks, not far from Haig Boulevard, as I recall.

Photo by Adam and Ariadne, who have joined us on many of our Jane’s Walks in recent years

I’m also pleased to share a photo from an earlier post related to the Aerodrome.

PANORAMA AIR CREW 1917. Photo by Bob Lansdale of the original photo

As well, I much enjoy the military history mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East. In an earlier post, you can see some photos showing details from the mural. In this post, you can see an establishing shot of the artwork, showing the three panels.

Mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East, Lakeview (Mississauga). Jaan Pill photo

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