Decline of community newspapers

Update: A June 26, 2020 Associated Press article is entitled: “Even before virus, communities feeling loss of newspapers.”

An excerpt reads:

The result has left many communities without a local paper, a shift she said is being recognized by a broad range of people who notice a lack of strong local news coverage contributes to societal divisions and an erosion of trust in institutions.



A Sept. 17, 2017 Hamilton Spectator article is entitled: “New local media outlets crop up as traditional community papers close.”

The opening paragraphs read:

Dave Bidini asks “what if” a lot.

As in, what if the mainstream press didn’t care about George Clooney building a house on Lake Cuomo? Maybe, just maybe, he says as he sprinkles in a few profanities, communities would be better off.

Next month, the prolific musician, author and general man-about-Toronto, will be trudging door to door delivering his most recent creation: a 20-page broadsheet newspaper called the West End Phoenix. It will be a community rag, served without advertisements once a month with a focus on a few west-end neighbourhoods.

Many community newspapers have disappeared

A Dec. 1, 2017 CBC Day 6 article is entitled: “Friday December 01, 2017: Uncovering corruption: The stories we’ll miss when local newspapers are gone.”

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