I often think of Harry Boshouwers Jr., Jenning Dai and other MCHS classmates who are no longer with us

Harry Boshouwers (MCHS ’63)

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By way of an update, in a recent email, Henk Boshouwers has spoken of our exchange of messages one or two years ago about the accidental death of Harry Boshouwers Jr. in the sixties.

Henk has given me permission to share the following update:

In the aftermath several correspondents inquired about the whereabouts of his sister Ilona (which turned out to have been Ilonka).

I knew that she had married and left for the West, but no more. Since then I found a reference to her death in a register of the Calgary Herald under the name of Ilonka (“Lon”) Boshouwers-Busseau in the year 2000, at the age of 57. No further details but it is definitively the same person.

At the time she was working for a oil exploration company in shareholder relations according to other sources.

It is possible that I sent you this info before. Excuse me if I did. I was cleaning up my records. At my age the shelf life of my memory is somewhat limited.

Best regards and Merry Christmas,

Henk Boshouwers

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