Arun Khanna highlights history of Canadian Stuttering Association

Arun Khanna is treasurer of the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA) whose website is at

At the start of the June 9, 2018 Annual General Meeting of the CSA, which took place in Room 310 at Metro Hall in downtown Toronto, Jaan Pill asked Arun Khanna to say a few words about his years of involvement with the Canadian Stuttering Association.

Arun begins by describing the August 1991 conference in Banff, Alberta, of self-help groups for people who stutter from across Canada, which led to founding of the Canadian Stuttering Association.

As Arun Khanna notes in the video clip, when the CSA was founded, it went by another name – the Canadian Association for People Who Stutter (CAPS).

Prior to the 1991 conference, Arun was an active member of the Stuttering Association of Toronto (SAT), which Jaan Pill played a key role in founding in 1988.

SAT, a self-help group for people who stutter, held meetings at Hart House at the University of Toronto every second week, for many years. Arun found the meetings highly valuable.

As a key organizer at the Banff conference Arun gained an ease in public speaking, which he had not experienced before. In the years that have followed, he has regularly made many presentations to large audiences in his position as a tax expert working first with the Canada Revenue Agency and later with the City of Toronto.

In this brief video, Arun speaks of his involvement in staging of Canadian Stuttering Association conferences in cities across Canada.

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