With thanks to Dave Cook, Jim Tovey’s name is listed on the Smalls Arms Inspection Building plaque

Display at Community Tribute to Jim Tovey. Jaan Pill photo

Display at Community Tribute to Jim Tovey which took place at the Small Arms Inspection Building on June 2, 2018. Jaan Pill photo

In May 2018, I interviewed City of Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor Dave Cook, who had been appointed to take the place of Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey after Tovey had suddenly passed away.

In our interview, Councillor Cook told me about the plaque at the Small Arms Inspection Building in Lakeview.

Standard protocol with plaques at the City of Mississauga, as Dave Cook explained, is that such a plaque would include the names of the relevant councillors who are currently sitting on the Mississauga Council.

In accordance with standard protocol, the plaque in question was slated to include Dave Cook’s name, as he is the current councillor and was slated to leave out Jim Tovey’s name, even though the latter councillor, now deceased, had played a key role in saving the building in question from demolition, and subsequently ensuring that impressive progress would be made in rehabilitation and repurposing of the building.

Given the situation, Dave Cook took it upon himself to ensure that in this particular case, given the circumstances, Jim Tovey’s name would be listed on the plaque, the above-noted protocol notwithstanding. This is a significant gesture on Councillor Cook’s part which warrants celebration!

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