Watchdog’s version of what Justin Trudeau did is of interest, but is not the final word

I’ve been following the SNC-Lavalin story.

I believe that Ms. Judy Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott are on the right track in seeking to ensure integrity is at the heart of federal government decision making. I commend all efforts aimed at maintenance of judicial independence in Canada.

However, I do not think that a watchdog’s analysis of what occurred, with regard to the SNC-Lavalin story, is the final word.

The CBC is a good source of information on this story. The Globe and Mail and the New York Times offer some interesting perspectives.

My favourite source is the CBC.

An Aug. 17, 2019 CBC article is entitled: “SNC-Lavalin, take two.” The article provides links to CBC Radio coverage of the story.

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