Long Branch Conservation – Update from David Godley: October/ November 2019, Addendum

Attached files

Nov. 2, 2019 message from David Godley includes the following attached files. I have converted the original Word files (and one online file) to PDF for ease of online access:

95,97 40th St character evaluation


The City Needs a Proper Response to Bill 5 – Social Planning Toronto [This document includes many active links; the document warrants a close read.]

OP Urban Design

Following message is from David Godley of Long Branch (I have done some minor copy editing of text, by way of enhancement of online readability):

Greetings from Long Branch

1) Long Branch TLAB Schedule

Dec 4, 5 and 11, 11 Shamrock

Dec 18 and 20, 38 31st

Jan 6 ,77 35th  (Thank you Liz Edwards for correcting)

Jan 8,9,10, 27 39th

Jan 22, 65 40th  (May be later since LBNA representation an issue)

Jan 17, 20, 27,  99 27th

Apr 20, 24  27,90 Ash

Apologies for misnaming Randy McWatters!

2) 95/97 40th Street, Comments on two 2 storey houses for the Committee of Adjustment, Nov 7. See attached document.

3) Bill 5, Public participation on form of Governance by Social Planning and Research Council. See attached document.

4) Public Realm/Urban Design, Section 3 of Official Plan Review. See attached document.

Planning and Housing Committee Meeting, Dec 10 2019, committee Room 1 City Hall, 10 am or soon after.

5) Sidewalk Labs, Urban Design. See attached document.


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