“We banned renders” from the design process says Tatiana Bilbao – Dezeen, Dec. 4, 2019

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Architectural drawing represents ideas in form. Building information modelling (BIM) simulates experience.

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A Dec. 4, 2019 Dezeen article is entitled: “”We banned renders” from the design process says Tatiana Bilbao.”

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Mexican architect Tatiana Bilbao refuses to produce computer visualisations of designs still in progress. She says that making collages helps her to develop more exciting buildings.

Bilbao’s work is currently on show at the Louisiana Museum in Denmark. The exhibition doesn’t contain any computer renderings; instead designs for projects such as Casa Ajijic and Vivienda Popular are shown through models, sketches and collages.

The architect doesn’t like finalised images as they can become obstacles in the creative process. She prefers collage as she believes it fosters a more collaborative approach to design.

Seeing Like a State (1998)

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