NRU Toronto newsletter shares details regarding Toronto’s official plan five-year review

I subscribe to the NRU Toronto newsletter.

The following information is based on an article entitled “Improving built environments” in the Dec. 13, 2019 issue of the newsletter.

The article notes that Toronto council will consider some official plan (OP) amendments at its Dec. 16-17, 2019 meeting with a focus on public realm and built form policies.

A Ward 19 councillor is quoted as describing the proposed changes as placing a primacy on public realm objectives.

A representative for residents’ groups is quoted as saying the new policies are clearer than previous ones and have largely addressed concerns expressed by the latter groups.

A City of Toronto urban design manager is quoted as noting the policies make the words clearer and more direct in relation to what the public realm policies will be.

Tree canopies and ravines, as well as streetscaping and sunlight will, according to the NRU article, be emphasized in the new policies, which are also described as specifying appropriate setbacks in a series of contexts.

If adopted by council, the article notes, the amendments will go to the province for approval, a process that is described as likely taking about six months.

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