Coronavirus work-from-home policies give climate plans a boost – March 12, 2020 CBC article

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A March 12, 2020 CBC article is entitled: “Coronavirus work-from-home policies give climate plans a boost.”

The image courtesy of is from a March 11, 2020 tweet from Greta Thunberg, who notes: “We can’t solve a crisis without treating it as a crisis and we must unite behind experts and science. This of course goes for all crises. Now the experts urge us to avoid big public gatherings for a better chance to #flattenthecurve and slow the spreading of the Coronavirus. 1/4”

An excerpt reads:

She noted that enabling telework isn’t necessarily simple. It means buying and configuring equipment like laptops, enabling secure file and resource access in the cloud and, importantly, training. “The biggest thing is training managers to manage by results rather than butts in seats,” she said.

She added that the longer employees work from home, the more likely it is that employers start to realize other benefits. That can include cost savings, higher productivity, fewer unscheduled absences, better employee retention and greater flexibility to scale up and scale down, because doing so doesn’t hinge on costs like office space.

Lister said support for telework often fizzles after events like floods are over. But coronavirus could be different. “It almost feels like this one could be a tipping point,” Lister said, noting that up until now, telework has been growing slowly and steadily at about 10 per cent a year.

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