March 20, 2020 New York Times article provides comprehensive overview of Covid-19 testing narrative as it unfolds

In previous posts about Covid-19, I’ve focused in particular on information that is available, with regard to testing for the novel coronavirus.

This morning I  come across a March 20, 2020 New York Times article by Matt Apuzzo and Selam Gebrekidan entitled: “Can’t Get Tested? Maybe You’re in the Wrong Country. Decisions and blunders made months ago have caused testing disparities worldwide. The science, it turns out, was the easy part.”

The article notes that in early January China released the coronavirus genetic code and within days, labs at locations around the world had designed tests.

Within about two weeks, places like Australia, Singapore, and South Korean had their own tests and got to work testing huge numbers of people, isolating the sick, and (so far) limiting the spread of infection.

In other places, there have been delays and in some cases no testing at all. Now efforts are underway to make testing available.

The time, however, when aggressive testing might have had a strong impact in slowing the spread of infection was more than a month ago, according to the article.

That’s how the article begins. If you have an interest, you can read the rest.

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