There is growing evidence that Nunavut’s glaciers are shrinking, in part due to iceberg calving as a result of climate change, an April 21, 2021 New York Times article notes

An April 22, 2021 CBC article is entitled: “Canada’s past climate promises have been a flop. Could that change at this summit?: U.S. hosts climate event at pivotal moment, of rapid change. Canada promised here to exceed its Paris target.”

An excerpt reads:

A major challenge for Canada, unlike those entities, is the significance of oil and gas production in its economy; fellow oil producer Norway, for example, has been less successful than its regional neighbours in cutting emissions.

An April 21, 2021 New York Times article is entitled: “Trudeau Was a Global Climate Hero. Now Canada Risks Falling Behind.”

The subtitle reads: “Canada is the only G7 nation whose greenhouse gas emissions have increased since the Paris agreement. The main reason: its oil sands.”

I am not a New York Times subscriber. Instead, as a resident of Stratford, Ontario I pay an annual membership fee at the Toronto Public Library. I access the New York Times at no cost from the Toronto Public Library website.

I like to read the New York Times from time to time, same as I like to read the New Yorker, Atlantic Monthly, and Harper’s from time to time.

By way of a steady diet of reading, however, I generally prefer to read nonfiction books. The information and worldview available from books is in many cases more comprehensive and satisfying, from my perspective, than what I can pick up from a steady diet of newspaper and magazine articles.

Why this is the case I do not know. That said, newspaper and magazine articles are a good way to keep track of certain kinds of factual information, despite the somewhat unsatisfactory (unsatisfactory from my perspective: the only perspective I’m qualified to speak about) nature of the packaging.

Maybe if I lived in the United States, I would feel more at ease with the worldview – the approach to packaging of textual material – of the publications that I mention above.

My favourite source of news-related information is the CBC News website, and CBC Radio.

Anyway, I want to mention that a photo that accompanies the above-noted New York Times article features a caption that reads: “An iceberg off Cape Dorset, an Inuit community in Nunavut, Canada. There is growing evidence that Nunavut’s glaciers are shrinking, in part due to iceberg calving as a result of climate change. Credit: Sergey Ponomarev for The New York Times.”

The article, by Ian Austen and Christopher Flavelle, notes that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has “an outsize reputation for being a warrior in the global fight against climate change.”

The article also notes: “But one facet of Canada’s economy complicates his record: the country’s insistence on expanding output from its oil sands.”

There you have the story. It’s worth a close read, in the event you get around to it.

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