Why new guidance for vaccinated Canadians leaves plenty of room for confusion – CBC Second Opinion article, June 26, 2021

I’ve received my second Pfizer vaccination earlier this month. However, I still wear a mask when I go shopping.

Cliff Lumsdon Park, Toronto, Sept. 24, 2020. Left to right: Bob Carswell and Dan McPhail. Jaan Pill photo

I found a June 26, 2021 CBC Second Opinion article of interest.

Click here to access June 26, 2021 CBC Second Opinion article >

Jaan Pill, Cliff Lumsdon Park, Sept. 24, 2020. Dan McPhail photo

An excerpt reads:

Stall said that while he thinks the guidance in the infographic is “reasonable,” it’s also “vague and indirect” and came “millions of doses too late.”

“At the end of the day, this is guidance and it’s up to the provinces and territories for implementation,” he said. “My hope is now that we have national guidance in one form or another, local public health guidance will be updated in accordance with that.”

MCHS picnics will resume, when we feel it’s safe to proceed

I’m looking forward to working at organizing the high school picnics that I’ve been organizing, until a year ago:

MCHS picnics took place at Cliff Lumsdon Park in Toronto on Sept. 24, 2020 and in Stratford on Sept. 30, 2020

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