Re: 90 Ash Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) decision – refusal

I am pleased to share with you the following message (which I’ve abridged by omitting a sentence) from David Godley of Long Branch (Toronto):

This does seem like the end of the road for Long Branch twin soldier houses, nearly a decade long fight.

We are lucky to have Judy [Gibson] and Christine [Mercado] as two dynamos who have lent generously of their time. Also Ron Jamieson and Sandy Donald and others have been to multiple hearings.

The Planning Dept made a major contribution in recommending the Character Guidelines and TLAB. Without these we would still be flailing. And as you can see from the cc list many people came out to hearings and subjected themselves to sometimes gruelling cross examinations. There will still be issues to deal with particularly redevelopment of 25 feet lots and saving trees.

This decision is a happy occasion.


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