If a person has no use for vaccinations they probably have no use for sanctions on Russia: March 19, 2022 Toronto Star article highlights polling data

I refer you to a March 19, 2022 Toronto Star article entitled: “Anti-vaccination, but pro-Russia.”

An excerpt reads:

No one has yet invented a vaccine against disinformation about Russia’s assault on Ukraine.

That’s probably just as well, because the most needy recipients of a shot against disinformation wouldn’t likely roll up their sleeves for one anyway.

This disturbing connection between vaccine resistance and attitudes toward Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been unearthed in the latest wave of polling by EKOS Research. Frank Graves, head of EKOS, calls it “astonishing,” “complex” and “insidious.”

Graves tested people’s views on the Ukraine crisis last week and then sorted their replies according to their vaccination status. What he found was that the more opposed people were to getting vaccinated, the more sympathetic their views were toward Russia, a notorious purveyor of disinformation itself.

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