Which book by Kathleen A. Hicks refers to the SHEP school at the Long Branch Army Camp? Can you help Don Walton of Wasaga Beach track down this information?

Don Walton of Wastage Beach, Ontario has mentioned that his wife Jeanette Walton attended SHEP School in the Long Branch Army Camp, whose history has been outlined at this website:

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A previous post is entitled:

Jeanette Walton nee McDonald during the early fifties attended the postwar SHEP School

Don Walton refers to a book, “Journey from Yesterday” by Kathleen A. Hicks, where there is an index which refers to SHEP School as being referred to on pages 202, 203, and 204. Don seeks to find out which book by Kathleen A. Hicks the pages appear in. If you are able to help Don with his quest, please contact me at jpill@preserverstories.com of send a message through this website.

I’m reminded of another great story from the past (in addition to the stories about the Long Branch Army Camp) that was shared at this site some time back:

An Unfinished Timeline: The Pleasant Valley Mobile Home Park Eviction in Mississauga: Research paper by Lauren Burkhardt

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