Announcement: CreativeHub 1352 in Mississauga names new Executive Director

The following message is from Paul Michel, Chair, Board of Directors, CreativeHub 1352:

Oct. 25, 2022

Announcement: CreativeHub 1352 names new Executive Director

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I am honoured to announce the appointment of Meredith Wood to the position of Executive Director of CreativeHub 1352 as of September 15th, 2022.

Jim Tovey speaking at Mat 28, 2016 Small Arms Jane's Walk. Jaan Pill photo

Councillor Jim Tovey (1949-2018) speaking at May 28, 2016 Small Arms Jane’s Walk. Jim Tovey Tovey was a key player in saving the Small Arms Building from demolition and coordinating efforts to secure strong government and community support for its repurposing. Jaan Pill photo

Many are familiar with Meredith — she has spent the last two years with the Hub in the role of Project Manager. During that time, she has cultivated important relationships, developed bold strategies and expanded programs to ensure more value is delivered to our community, our City and beyond.

Meredith has played a key role organizing and expanding the popular Lakeview Farmers’ and Artisan Markets, the first-ever Mississauga Festival of Trees and Mississauga Creative Craft Beer Festivals and a variety of arts programs. She has also been an invaluable asset in curating our brand and growing our social media presence.

Ronnie the Bren Gun Girl: Veronica Foster. Source: Libraries & Archives of Canada PA – 119766. Veronica Foster, who worked at the John Inglis plant in Toronto during the Second World War, was actually a nonsmoker, her daughter informed me some years ago at a Small Arms Open House. She only smoked for the photo session where this photo and others were taken.

Meredith was selected following a thorough recruitment process which resulted in a field of exceptional candidates. Our board believes Meredith’s history with CreativeHub 1352, commitment to our volunteers, artisans and community, her innovative thinking and her skills and leadership qualities position her for success in bringing CreativeHub 1352 into the future.

I would like to congratulate Meredith on her new role and extend our deepest gratitude to Diane LaPointe for her incredible leadership as our previous Executive Director.

Paul Michel

Chair, Board of Directors

CreativeHub 1352

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What I have learned

The success of the CreateHub 1352 brings home to me a key thing I have learned about heritage preservation as outlined at a previous post:

Enthusiasm for local history is not enough, by itself, to preserve and repurpose heritage buildings

Persons with a strong interest in local history will achieve very little, in my anecdotal observation, in saving landmark heritage buildings unless they work in alignment with individuals skilled in marketing, event planning, community organizing, and media relations.

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