Province approves two MZOs in Mississauga, allowing Lakeview group to add thousands more units to development: May 14, 2023 Mississauga News

A May 14, 2023 Mississauga News article is entitled: “Province approves two MZOs in Mississauga, allowing Lakeview group to add thousands more units to development: Approval will allow development to nearly double in units without height limits for some buildings.”

I have been following news related to land use development in Mississauga for many years. I have attended many meetings in which information was shared and input from the community was gathered in relation to plans to develop the Mississauga waterfront.

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The latter series of links includes a post from May 13, 2021 which sums up the writing on the wall:

Lakeview development initiated by Jim Tovey and John Danahy ‘closer to reality’ – but ‘concerns about an increase in density from the original vision’

The decision by the province, as described in the May 14, 2023 Mississauga News article, means that years of intensive, systematic citizen input regarding the development of the Mississauga waterfront have been ignored by the current regime in power at Queen’s Park.

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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    In my view this is extraordinary.

    An October 30, 2023 CBC article is entitled: “Developer guests at Doug Ford family wedding got fast-track zoning approvals from government: Housing minister reviewing more than 100 MZOs, but says ‘vast majority’ not of concern.”

    An excerpt reads:

    There’s fresh scrutiny of how Premier Doug Ford’s government issued dozens of fast-track approvals to rezone select properties, some of them owned by developers who also stood to benefit from Greenbelt land swaps.

    Minister’s zoning orders (MZOs) are a powerful tool the province can use to expedite development on a specific parcel of land. At the stroke of a pen, a cabinet minister overrides local planning rules, avoids public consultation and changes what can be built on the property.

    The Ford government has handed out MZOs at an unprecedented pace: at least 110 of them since 2019. By contrast, previous Liberal governments issued just 18 between 2003 and 2018.

    A tally by the Ontario NDP finds that just four guests at a Ford family wedding reception benefited from as many MZOs as previous Liberal governments issued in total over the course of their 15 years in power.

    • Jaan Pill
      Jaan Pill says:

      Hello Deborah,
      The work that the residents of Lakeview are doing – with a view toward representing the interests of the residents – is a source of tremendous inspiration for many people, me very much among them, for sure. I am very pleased I have the opportunity to share news updates. I commend you for your excellent work.


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