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Churchill’s Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare (2017) provides a good overview of “irregular warfare” in the Second World War

Updates A July 13, 2018 Atlantic article is entitled: “The Russians Who Hacked the 2016 Election: Robert Mueller’s latest indictment reaches back to the origin story for the investigation into interference.” An Aug. 7, 2018 BBC article is entitled: “A French village committed to deception: Through an extraordinary campaign of non-violent resistance during World War […]


Narcoland (2013) describes a disastrous “war on drugs” that has led to more than 80,000 deaths in Mexico since its inception in 2006

Over the years, I’ve written several posts about the War on Drugs. One post, by way of example, is entitled: The Drug Wars in America, 1940-1973 (Kathleen J. Frydl, 2013) A key point in the above-noted study is that national drug laws have to do with power. It has to do with the assertion, enactment, and […]


The Big Sleep (1946) demonstrates the effective application of screen direction, sound, lighting, and editing

The Big Sleep (1946) demonstrates four characteristic film techniques. The techniques – applied in the opening credits and scenes of The Big Sleep (1946), based on  a novel (1939) by Raymond Chandler – are: (1) screen direction as described in Cinematic Storytelling (2005), (2) Foley sound, (3) film lighting, and (4) sound and picture editing, as these items […]