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To say that neoliberalism is totalitarian in its claims is a vague pronouncement; yet the basic concept warrants reflection and consideration

Germany’s Hidden Crisis (2016) Previous posts underline that power speaks its own language; such a language is not necessarily congruent with everyday language. In the language that power speaks, at times big is small, small is big, and inside is outside – in short, reality – including history – is what power says it is. […]


Masters of the Universe (2012) documents the history of neoliberalism

A previous post refers to Masters of the Universe: Hayek, Friedman, and the Birth of Neoliberal Politics (2012). Masters of the Universe (2012) addresses how neoliberalism is defined, and how it functions as a noun. Two statements – on p. 12 and p. 15 – are of interest. Memoir/journalism vs. historical analysis  (p. 12) “Until recently, the debate […]


Can the term neoliberalism be turned into a useful analytic tool?

Given my interest in how language interacts with perception, I enjoyed reading an overview, in Status Update (2013), of the history of neoliberalism. Boas and Gans-Morse (2009) In her discussion of neoliberalism in Status Update (2013), Alice E. Marwick cites a 2009 journal article by Taylor C. Boas and Jordan Gans-Morse entitled Neo liberalism: From New Liberal Philosophy to Anti-Liberal Slogan. The source is: […]