CBC story underlines that the Canadian intelligence community experienced a very close call; it’s a relief a potentially devastating release of highly classified information was averted by the RCMP

The city of Berlin, Ontario was renamed Kitchener in 1916; in 2020 the debate about changing the name once again was being revisited

Across from the Sun Life Building in Montreal stands an early 1900s Boer War monument commemorating several British empire ‘war stories’

Cornelius (Neil) van Nostrand and fellow flying cadets received training during the First World War at the Long Branch Aerodrome in what is now Lakeview, Mississauga

October 30, 2023 CBC article notes: “Elderly Canadians remain at higher risk of serious COVID from first infections, study suggests”

Great research study from McMaster University, worth knowing about: Diet, cardiovascular disease, and mortality in 80 countries (2023)

On June 26, 2013 (ten years ago), Dr. Peter Lin spoke on CBC Radio about how our choice of cutlery affects our experience of food

Writer Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie has spoken elegantly about the dangers of a single story