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Change will come slowly despite OMB reforms: Toronto Star, Dec. 18, 2017

A Dec. 18, 2017 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Change will come slowly despite OMB reforms: Regulations put forward by Ontario on how to transition to a new planning tribunal mean hundreds of applications currently being considered by city could be appealed under old rules.” A page-6 article in the Dec. 19, 2017 print edition […]


Please contact me, in the event you’d like to be on Preserved Stories email list

I send out an email newsletter on a regular basis (sometimes frequently, sometimes not frequently at all), to an email list that I keep track of on Microsoft Word. In the event you would like to be on this email list, please contact me via this website. I like to look after such details in […]


The Finland Phenomenon (2011): DVD about Finland’s educational system

I’ve been reading about Finnish education. Finland does really well in international standardized testing. Some people say standardized testing is of relevance only to some extent, but that’s another story. Anyway, a key thing about Finnish education is that the selection of teachers is highly rigorous. Teacher-training candidates need to have high marks but only […]


Hazel McCallion outlines Mississauga’s unique approach to preservation of its waterfront

May 23, 2917 Port Credit – Hazel McCallion: “We have preserved the waterfront”   At a May 23, 2017 Port Credit Official Plan Amendment (OPA) meeting, Hazel McCallion lauded the ongoing redevelopment of Mississauga’s waterfront. The former mayor of the City of Mississauga also shared apt words of praise for Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey, a […]


190-page Mississauga Heritage Management Strategy outlines framework for Story of Mississauga project

I have an interest in a City of Mississauga initiative that seeks to develop the Story of Mississauga. The project is outlined in a 190-page City of Mississauga report entitled: “Mississauga Heritage Management Strategy”: MississaugaHeritageManagementStrategy_May2016 A related report is entitled: “City of Mississauga – Minutes of Heritage Advisory Committee (Approved May 10, 2016).” A June 1, […]


Chapter 2: Family

Below is Chapter 2 of the draft of Graeme Decarie’s autobiography story. Graeme, as noted at a previous post, encourages MCHS grads to write their own stories. We are posting chapters from his own work in progress, as a way to encourage other people to write their stories. If you have a draft chapter in […]


Nicolas Hénin, author of Jihad Academy (2015), is featured in a Feb. 16, 2016 CBC The Current interview. Here is a link to the transcript.

Nicolas Hénin is author of Jihad Academy: A Former ISIS Hostage and Veteran Middle East Journalist Explores Misperceptions of Islamic State and Their Consequences (2015). A February 16, 2016 CBC The Current transcript of an interview with Hénin can be accessed here. The interview is of interest. If I recall correctly, I decided to borrow the book, from […]