Hazel McCallion outlines Mississauga’s unique approach to preservation of its waterfront

May 23, 2917 Port Credit – Hazel McCallion: “We have preserved the waterfront”


At a May 23, 2017 Port Credit Official Plan Amendment (OPA) meeting, Hazel McCallion lauded the ongoing redevelopment of Mississauga’s waterfront.

The former mayor of the City of Mississauga also shared apt words of praise for Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey, a key player in ensuring that citizen input plays a key role in planning for the future of the Mississauga waterfront.

Many speakers at the meeting noted that close collaboration – among the three levels of government, local residents, and developers – is the key ingredient for success in Mississauga’s approach to waterfront redevelopment.

In a typical flourish characteristic of her speaking style, McCallion ends her speech ended with a rousing conclusion!

May 23, 2017 Official Plan Amendment (OPA) meeting in Port Credit

I will be posting several awesome videos from the above-noted meeting.

By way of providing sone background, here’s the backstory regarding my journey from Long Branch (where I live) to Port Credit, where the meeting was held. The journey took place on the evening of May 23, 2017.

I shall be posting a series of videos to YouTube from the May 23, 2017 Open House at Clarke Hall, on Lakeshore Road West in MIssissauga. The latter meeting outlined the exciting, collaborative current redevelopment projects in Port Credit in Mississauga.

By collaborative I mean that three levels of government, residents, and developers are all on the same page. That is a source of inspiration for all concerned with the projects currently underway.


I would be posting the videos to Vimeo, which is my preferred venue, but I have to watch my budget. Posting large amounts of data means spending money on a suitable Vimeo account. I like to do that, when I can. Otherwise, YouTube is a good, second option.

Many people – including former mayor Hazel McCallion and Jim Tovey, the former president of the Lakeview Ratepayers Association who is now the Ward 1 Councillor at the City of Mississauga – gave inspiring and well-received speeches, at the end of the May 23, 2017 event in Port Credit, which is the part that I had the opportunity to attend.

Dramatic play in early childhood (and later in life as well)

Before I got to the Port Credit meeting, I helped a consultant write a rationale related to a policy statement for a client. The topic at hand concerned the role of dramatic play as a central feature of early childhood. Drama and role play, at any stage of life, are a source of enduing interest for many people, especially but not exclusively infants and toddlers.

Working at the consulting task meant I attended only part of the Port Credit meeting. I also spent some time on a phone call from Ireland, in connection with one of the websites I’m associated with. When I arrived at Clarke Hall, I was super impressed with everything I observed.

“Reserved” signs on chairs at first stopped me in my tracks

I wanted to record some good video with my DSLR camera, at the meeting. I was at the front of the large audience, at the side of the hall. That was okay, as a spot for recording, but then I saw some empty seats at the very front. However, when I got to them, I noticed “Reserved” signs on the ones that I was interested in. Fortunately, someone said, “Ignore the signs,” so I sat down and proceeded to record.


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