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Narcoland (2013) describes a disastrous “war on drugs” that has led to more than 80,000 deaths in Mexico since its inception in 2006

Over the years, I’ve written several posts about the War on Drugs. One post, by way of example, is entitled: The Drug Wars in America, 1940-1973 (Kathleen J. Frydl, 2013) A key point in the above-noted study is that national drug laws have to do with power. It has to do with the assertion, enactment, and […]


CBC The Current podcast: We are natural storytelling machines, not statisticians – The Undoing Project (2017)

A Jan. 27, 2017 CBC The Current article (with a link to a podcast) is entitled: “How two game-changing psychologists changed the way we think about thinking.” Click here for a transcript of the Jan. 27, 2017 CBC interview > The CBC interview on which the article is based, was with the author Michael Lewis. […]


Mimico groups pushing back against ‘westward wave’ of condo development: Oct. 25, 2016 Etobicoke Guardian. Plus: Please help us regarding 14 Villa!

An Oct. 25, 2016 Etobicoke Guardian article is entitled: “Mimico groups pushing back against ‘westward wave’ of condo development: OMB decision ‘rather indecisive’, says Mimico Lakeshore Community Network co-chair.” You can access the article at the link in the previous sentence. Many things are happening this weekend and next week. In Situ event is now on […]


New 3-minute video from Heritage Mississauga features Small Arms Ltd. wartime munitions plant in Lakeview

This post – along with future posts featuring interviews that I recorded on Aug. 25, 2016 – is concerned with an impressive, engaging 3-minute YouTube video about the Small Arms Ltd. munitions factory that was located in Lakeview, Mississauga just west of Long Branch during the Second World War. The Small Arms Building along with a […]