With Pride We Wear the Scarlet and the Silver – Recorded at MCHS Reunion (2000)

Tim Hewlings at Studio UQAM. This is where the MCHS school song was recorded in 2000. Photo source: Tim Hewlings

Studio UQAM. Photo source: Tim Hewlings

We owe thanks to Tim Hewlings (MCHS 63, see photo on left) for sharing this recording of the Malcolm Campbell High School song with us.

Tim Hewlings was with a 1960s band called the Sceptres, who’ve recently released their first album.

You can access the mp3 version of the song here:


You can also access the WAV version of the song. This is a larger file. The quality of the WAV file is higher than the mp3:


Please note

To get full enjoyment from the recording, it’s a great idea to listen with a good set of earphones or good quality speakers. The speakers on a typical laptop aren’t going to do justice to the music. The sound quality on a smartphone might be pretty good – that’s also a fun way to listen to the song.

Please note as well that you can click on these photos to enlarge them. Click again to enlarge them further.

Overview of recording session

Here’s a preliminary overview – we’ll get more details later – from Tim Hewlings:

A photo from 1960 or 1961 shared by Tim Hewlings. Left to right: Peter Van Toorn, Mike Rosberry, Charles Tsaing, Steve Truax, Kent Bawn, and Tim Hewlings down in front. Notes Tim: “I think we played for a ‘sock hop.'”

“It was recorded in the studio I operated at UQAM. There were about 12 or 15 people involved. I believe Peter Mearns played the piano. You should check with him. [I did check: Yes, it was Peter Mearns on the piano.] As far as singers on the thing, I think Leslie and Bob Carswell were there, Susan Holmes and maybe Janet Hardcastle. Peter might remember some others.” [Also Laurie Kingdom. See comment below.]

Please contact us if you can add to our information about the recording session


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  1. Bob Carswell
    Bob Carswell says:

    I also wanted to add Laurie Kingdom who lived on Du Ruisseau Street in Saraguay with her twin sisters. Married and living in London, Ontario she was part of the choir that recorded the MCHS song at the 2000 MCHS reunion in Montreal.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Peter Mearns and Lynn (Hennebury) Legge have been in touch with Laurie Kingdon in 2014, as I recall. It’s good to know she was also in the choir.

  3. Steven Lesser
    Steven Lesser says:

    I graduated in 1973. My first year at MCHS – Grade 7 – was in 1969. I seem to recall that 1969 was the first year that the PSBGM (remember them?) moved Grade 7 into high school. You may correct me on that

    In any event, this is really about “The Scarlet and the Silver.” The version recorded in 2000 is actually not the original version of the song. According to Mr. Smith, who was a great mentor to me, the original “sounded like a dirge.” He told me that he changed the tempo and the tune to make it sound more upbeat.

    Enjoy the reunion.

  4. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I read your comments with much interest, Steven. I will post it as a separate blog post, to bring attention to it. The reference to a Grade 7 move by the PSBGM is of interest; I look forward to corroboration from other Alumni on this point.

    I was most interested, as well, to know that the original version, and the one recorded in 2000, provide evidence of changes that occurred in the song over the years. Again, it will be great to get additional comments on this point from other Alumni.


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