Comment from Steve Lesser (MCHS ’73) regarding “The Scarlet and the Silver”

A previous post is entitled:

With Pride We Wear the Scarlet and the Silver

At that post, Steve Lesser has written a comment that I’m pleased to bring your attention to, by posting it as part of a separate post.

Steven writes:

I graduated in 1973. My first year at MCHS – Grade 7 – was in 1969. I seem to recall that 1969 was the first year that the PSBGM (remember them?) moved Grade 7 into high school. You may correct me on that

In any event, this is really about “The Scarlet and the Silver.” The version recorded in 2000 is actually not the original version of the song. According to Mr. Smith, who was a great mentor to me, the original “sounded like a dirge.” He told me that he changed the tempo and the tune to make it sound more upbeat.

Enjoy the reunion.

Comment from Jaan Pill:

I read your comments with much interest, Steven. I will post it as a separate blog post, to bring attention to it. The reference to a Grade 7 move by the PSBGM is of interest; I look forward to corroboration from other Alumni on this point.

I was most interested, as well, to know that the original version, and the one recorded in 2000, provide evidence of changes that occurred in the song over the years. Again, it will be great to get additional comments on this point from other Alumni.


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  1. Robert Friedman
    Robert Friedman says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m a graduate of 1972 but I also attended Grade 7 at MCHS in 1967-68 with Miss Stevens. I’m not sure if that was the first year of Grade 7. It may have coincided with the opening of Glencoe School which only went to Grade 6 I believe. I lived about 4 blocks from Glencoe but was bussed to Ahuntsic because I lived on the wrong side of Dudemaine.
    Robert Friedman


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