The Red Cross, MCHS, 1966-67

Red Cross, 1966-67. Source: MCHS 1966-67 yearbook

Red Cross Representatives, 1966-67. Source: MCHS 1966-67 yearbook

Red Cross Representatives

Fourth Row: J. Trent, C. Newton, S. Merrin, B. Katel, J. Boutara, L. Johnson,
E. Williams, B. Wade, J. Tousonian, A. Messner.

Third Row: F. Melandra, V. Bastien, G.. Morrissette, M. Bawn, A. Fortin, S. Booth,
I. Bartan, B. Potts, R. Shlimper, G. Gore, S. Simmons, B. Vincent.

Second Row: N. Meli, D. Bocking, P. Gadoury, L. Orr, I. Lord, ( President), Miss Baker, P. Ireland, L. Roy, J. Vander Baaren.

First Row: E. Wennington, L. Fuoco, B. H opkin­ son , D. Montgomery, M . Lutfy,
M. Wright, S. Maloley, A. Magalnik , E. Risberg.

The Red Cross, 1966-67

This year was a great success for the Red Cross in M.C..H.S., beginning with the Hobo-hop dance. At Christmas, a group of reps visited the Alexander Children’s Hospital, where we sang carols and distri buted the Xmas stockings. The year ended with the annual Red Cross Penny Race.

I would like to thank Miss Baker and Miss Segal, our teacher sponsors, for giving of their time to assist in making this year an overwhelming success.

Irene Lord, President


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