Memorial text for Reverend Malcolm A. Campbell, D.D.; we owe many thanks to Bob Carswell for access to this archival document

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Biographical sketch of the Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm A. Campbell, after whom Malcolm Campbell High School is named

Portrait of Very Rev. Dr. Malcolm A. Campbell. Photographer: Gaby. Source: 1963-64 MCHS annual

Bob Carswell has shared a PDF (please see below); he writes:

“The Presbyterian Archives came up with the attached Memorial on the death in 1963 of Rev. Malcolm Campbell. I hope that is useful for the group.”

Memorial – Malcolm Campbell – A&P 1964

No question, this is a most valuable document, the acquisition of which we owe Bob Carswell many thanks; I have converted the document to Microsoft Word; the resulting text (I have broken some longer paragraphs into shorter one, for ease of online reading) reads:




The Presbytery of Montreal desires to place on record its sorrow and sense of loss in the death of the Very Rev. Malcolm A. Campbell, D.D., on Wednesday, June 26th, 1963, after a distinguished ministry of more than fifty years, all of which was spent within this Presbytery and in the pastorate of the First Church, Montreal.

Dr. Campbell was a man of outstanding gifts, both of mind and heart; courteous and kindly in spirit, of broad and generous sympathy, actively interested in every worthy cause and swift to respond to any call of need, he bore living testimony to the reality of his own faith and his whole hearted acceptance of the Gospel which he preached. To him, in singular measure, the words of his Master addressed to all of similar spirit are surely appropriate:

“Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto Me”.

It is gratifying to remember that it was given to Dr. Campbell to receive during his lifetime many evidences of the high esteem in which he was held, not only throughout the Church in which he has long been regarded as one of the foremost leaders, but in a much wider field.

Among his many active interests, special mention may be made of his service to the cause of education in the City of Montreal. For more than thirty-five years he was Chairman of the Protestant Board of School Commissioners; and the Malcolm Campbell High School, one of the most modern and best-equipped schools in the City, stands as a fitting memorial to his wise and devoted leadership during this long period.

In the year 1926 his Alma Mater, The Presbyterian College, Montreal, honoured him with the degree of Doctor of Divinity, and the same degree was later con­ferred upon him, honora causa, by Victoria University, Toronto. In the year 1936 he was elected to the highest office in the gift of the Church, that of Moderator of the General Assembly.

As a member of this Presbytery during his entire ministry, Dr. Campbell was always diligent and conscientious in his duties, and served the Court in countless ways. The Presbytery would record its gratitude, in memory of his Christian fellowship, wise counsel, unselfish service and inspiring leadership through all these years.

The funeral service was held in the First Church on Saturday, June 29th, conducted by the Very Rev. Dr. C. Ritchie Bell, Interim-Moderator of the Kirk Session, assisted by the Rev. Dr. R. Sheldon Mackenzie, locum tenens, and the Very Rev. Dr. F. Scott Mackenzie, with interment in Mount Royal Cemetery.

Dr. Campbell is survived by three sons, Colin, Fraser and Ian, all of Montreal, to whom with their families the Presbytery would offer warmest sympathy.


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