Diane Chapman has shared some awesome 1949 photos from the Long Branch Army Camp

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Diane Chapman has recently sent me an email message with some attached files; I read the message with much interest.

Diane Chapman wrote:

Here are pictures of class of 1949 taken at the Long Branch Army Camp also known as the Rifle Range. The teacher was a Miss Hoffman, some of the names in the picture. Bobby Jung, Teddy Long &; Billy Hepworth. The names are hard to read because of the age of the printing, however I am able to read them. There is also a picture of myself on a swing which was probably taken in 1949 as well.

Hope you can view them.

Thank You

Diane Chapman


Jaan Pill wrote:

These are awesome Diane! I will post them to my website. I so much appreciate being able to post them. They will add immeasurably to the Long Branch Army Camp / Rifle Range stories.

Jaan Pill


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Class of 1949 at Long Branch Army Camp also known as the Rifle Range. The teacher was Miss Hoffman. Some of the students in the picture include Bobby Jung, Teddy Long, and Bill Hepworth. Photo source: Diane Chapman

The back of the photo of the Class of 1949 at the Long Branch Army Camp includes names of the students in the photo. Some of the names have been mentioned at previous posts regarding the history of the Long Branch Army Camp. Image source: Diane Chapman

Diane Chapman, the subject of this photo from the Long Branch Army Camp, notes the photo was probably taken in 1949. Photo source: Diane Chapman

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  1. Mariann Hamilton
    Mariann Hamilton says:

    The pictures are awesome. I lived in the army camp in 1947 or 1948.

    I have a few memories but no pictures. I remember a fire in one of the buildings. My Dad fighting the fire. I recall the bed bugs and cockroaches. A family named Upshaw and a boy named Merton was a trouble maker.

    [In a message to me Mariann Hamilton added: “It was so great to hear stories from other people who lived there.”]

    • Jaan Pill
      Jaan Pill says:

      Wonderful to read your message Mariann! I’m pleased you enjoyed the pictures that people from the army camp have shared. I’m pleased that people have shared some great stories.


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