Please write a letter of objection (soon as possible) regarding proposed three-storey house at 290 Lake Promenade across from Len Ford Park in Long Branch

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I am writing this post in the hope you can copy the following message (and adapt it as you wish) and send it as an email to Tamoor Chaudary at the Etobicoke York committee of adjustment.

Artist’s rendering: proposed construction at 290 Lake Promenade

Please send a letter as soon as feasible.

Please send it by Nov. 20th at the latest; the committee meeting is on Nov. 21st.

Here’s a template for a suggested text:

I am writing with regard to of an application for a new house at 290 Lake Promenade.

This is the historical section of Lake Promenade with the wraparound porches and where Thomas Wilke’s home still exists.

The proposed home is 3 times the permitted size, is 3 floors in height, and is of a design that does not reinforce the character of this particular block.

It is also located on the waterfront trail, right across from Len Ford Park, meaning that it would be the biggest and most dominating structure on that historical block in Long Branch.

We are in strongly in favour of development that is in keeping with the Long Branch Character Guidelines. We wish to underline that the proposed design is not in keeping with the guidelines.



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  1. Ashley MacDonald
    Ashley MacDonald says:

    I totally 100% agree with the above message. This rendering of what the house would come to look like looks more like it should be built on Santa Monica BLVD. in California. Not Lake Promenade. Talk about sticking out like a sore thumb. Whoever moves in here and buys this out of place residence, I actually feel bad for you because I’m sure that you and your neighbors will not be getting along too well. Please reconsider and respect the guidelines placed by the long branch Association before building this monstrosity. I’ve lived here my entire life and have never encountered a home like this so I feel as if it did hypothetically respect the guidelines in place, it would still not mesh well with the entire neighborhood and just be an eyesore.

    Thank you Kindly.
    Ashley MacDonald


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