Long Branch Conservation – December 2019 update from David Godley

The following text is from David Godley of Long Branch:

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urban design op

290 Lake Prom

Happy Christmas Season from Long Branch

A) PUBLIC REALM AND BUILDING FORM, Official Plan Amendments 479 and 480.

Despite objections by Umbrella Resident Associations these were recommended for adoption by Planning and Housing Committee on December 10 with only 20 days notice. (Legal but not in the spirit of the law)

Council adopted them in substance and a bylaw will be passed at a future Council meeting. There is no appeal on planning grounds as the Ministry of Municipal Affairs are the final arbiters.

Unfortunately none of the TLAB issues were reviewed, incorrect urban design statements were included and, presumably accidentally. Policies seem to have been eliminated on impacts on neighbouring properties.(see attached urban design)


Ever since the Long Branch Guidelines came into force the Department have studiously ignored the most important features ie 1) the process of evaluating character, the 3 lens approach also included in OPA 320 and 2) the “Broad” defined character which eliminates the need to establish a broad study area.

The Department asks for a rationale but so far these have mostly been farcically filled out without comment. However some applicants for major projects have started submitting how the proposal fits into the street with front facades of nearby houses and there have been bird’s eye views also submitted. These are both essential for comprehension especially for the public and hearing officers. It appears that the Planning Department do not comment from the essential urban design perspective without saying so.

A 3 lens (broad, street and nearby) evaluation and checklist for the broad defined features is essential for a complete application for all severance/variance applications to ensure good planning.

A letter on 290 Lake Promenade about the issue is attached.


74 38th Street, Hearing held Nov 19 and 20, Decision Pending

11 Shamrock, Hearing Dec 4, 5, and 11, Postponed due to surgery of applicant. No new date.

38 31st Street, Hearing held Dec 18 and 20, Extended to April 14 and 15 2020 for day 8 and 9

77 35th Street, January 6,

80 39th Street, January 7 and 8,

80 23rd Street, January 10,

99 27th Street, January 17, 20 and 27,

27 39th Street, January 22,

95 James Street, February 7 (Motion for Adjournment will be held since the neighbour appellant cannot attend)

65 40th Street, March 25,

17 Garden Place, March 13,

9 38th Street, Divisional Court March 19

90 Ash Crescent, April 20, 24 and 27,

11 Stanley, Review by TLAB Refused (Divisional Court appeal still possible)

15 Stanley, Review by TLAB Refused (Divisional Court appeal still possible)

D) New Applications

122 40th No Data

124 40th No Data

94 41st, Second Floor over garage. 0.35 to 0.56 density. COA Jan 16

170 Lake Promenade, 0.35 density to 0.89, double garage at front when required on flank. Insensitive monster house and loss of charming cottage.

18 30th Street, Severance for 2 semis. 3 storey, height 8.5 to 10.3m, density 0.6 to about 1.00.

75 38th Street, Severance and variances. No data

E) Recent Applications

71 James Street. Decks, porch and walkout for existing 4plex. COA 16 January

50 Lake Promenade. Severance and Variances. 3 storey flat roof, 0.35 to 0.68 density. No COA date

290 Lake Promenade. 3 storey modern. 0.35 density to 0.95. Hearing November 21. Deferred. No CAO date

74 39th No data. No COA date.

68 24th. Modern soldier house. Appears that Zoning Examiner missed density variance. Hearing November 21. Deferred. No COA date

19 33rd Reduction in frontage for severance and variances. Small increase in density for one single and about 0.45 for the other. Deferred at Nov 21 hearing. No COA date.

39 Fairfield. Illegal apartments increase from 4 to 6. Already been approved for more apartments by OMB against City and Neighbours but different design. Deferred at Nov 21 Hearing. No COA date

F) Other Applications

36 Ash, Soldier Houses 0.35 to 0.71 Deferred

11 Garden Place, Soldier Houses 0.35 to 0.71 Deferred

46 Park Blvd. Legalising triplex with addition and affecting two healthy trees. Planning recommends refusal
19-21 29th Street, 3 houses replacing 2. 2 soldier houses and a 3 storey without garage. 0.35 to 0.74, 0.75 and 1.07. (postponed for rationale)

16 Atherton. New house on wide lot density 0.35 to 0.43 which does not reflect traditional character. (postponed for rationale)

If you wish to look at all the material online go to “Development Applications Toronto” then check “Committee of Adjustment” “Ward 3” “Search” and follow the cues. However the number of applications in Ward 3 has outstripped the capacity of the Applications Information Website and you cannot view the whole list of applications together.

Previous “Updates” can be found on preservedstories.com a major blog site run by Jaan Pill, formerly of Villa Road.

Submissions on applications need to be in to COA by 3pm on the Thursday before the COA meeting for inclusion in the package that is given to COA members. Submissions before 10am on the day of the hearing will be considered. E&EO. Please feel free to correct, add to or forward information Also feel free to circulate.

Welcome to a new decade, looks like a busy one, David

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