Poor reading, writing and numeracy skills in adults make up a literacy gap in Canada with consequences for both democracy and the economy: CBC, Jan. 17, 2021

This post is about an interesting article. The article reminds me of the fact I find it useful to write articles from time to time, such as for the Stratford-Perth chapter of Architectural Conservancy Ontario, because such a form of writing keeps my writing skills in good shape.

As with physical exercise, constant use of our capacity for reading and writing is helpful. Otherwise, as a Jan. 17, 2021 CBC article, entitled “Nearly half of adult Canadians struggle with literacy — and that’s bad for the economy,” notes, the capacity diminishes.

The above-noted article speaks about essential workers such as truck drivers, work that I am familiar with from years ago, before I found a way (quite by chance) to enter the teaching profession. With regard to to the experiences of essential workers, a second CBC article is also relevant.

I refer to a Jan. 17, 2021 CBC article entitled: “Want to reduce COVID-19? Target high-risk populations, health experts urge: Upcoming talk highlights equity issues for those most at risk of contracting and spreading the virus.”

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