For some years, as a retired teacher I’ve been following events at the Peel District School Board

For three decades, I worked as a teacher with various school boards in the Greater Toronto Area. The board that I was working for when I retired was the Peel District School Board (PDSB).

In previous posts, I have wondered whether province-led efforts of a few years ago to address systemic anti-Black racism at the PDSB would be paying off in the years that followed.

Recently, I read a May 26, 2023 The Pointer article entitled: “PDSB trustees shut down meeting after removing advocate Kola Iluyomade’s name from centre for Black excellence.”

An excerpt reads:

In June 2020, the Ministry of Education stripped trustees of their governance role after enough evidence was brought up to prove their support and creation of systemic discrimination while it became clear they were incapable of changing the harmful culture they protected. The Ministry eventually appointed Bruce Rodrigues to supervise PDSB in order for practices and policies that underpinned discrimination and inequalities to be eliminated. A year later, the school board’s trustees issued a letter to the Province to have him removed. The letter was ignored.

On Wednesday, many in attendance said the vindictive action to remove Iluyomade’s name from a facility to support Black student success was proof that trustees have not learned from the turmoil that has transpired over recent years.

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Additional recent news reports

Some additional news reports of interest:

A May 27, 2023 CityNews article is entitled: “Accusations of violence, discrimination surface at another Mississauga school.”

A May 26, 2023 Niagara Falls Review article is entitled: “TDSB fires researcher for allegedly plagiarizing parts of report on specialty schools: Parents’ groups sound alarm over report they say was riddled with false citations, quotations without attribution and non-existent sources.”

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