Good to keep in mind: You don’t need permission to quote what City of Toronto staff say at public meetings

It’s been five years since I moved with my family from Long Branch in Toronto to Stratford, Ontario.

During the years we lived in Toronto I learned many things about the concept of land use decision making. One of the things I learned is summed up in a previous post – of five years ago  – entitled:

After an April 4, 2018 meeting in Long Branch, I learned that prior permission from media relations at the city is not required, in order for a blogger to record what city officials say at a public meeting

That meeting (where I was told something by city staff that turned out to be not supported by the facts) is among the events related to land use planning in Toronto that still say in mind, five years later.

The Long Branch Character Guidelines project, the changes made to the Ontario Municipal Board, the founding of the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association, the Missing Middle initiative, and the arrival of a new Multiplexes policy are among the features of local history in Long Branch and elsewhere in Toronto that have held my attention over the past decade and more.

Whatever the above-noted April 4, 2028 public meeting in Long Branch was about is among the things that I ponder, even these five years later. Exactly what was going on, I have no idea.

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