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Climate change and Greater Toronto Region: Links updates

Updates A July 12, 2017 CBC article is entitled: Don’t drain the swamp: report says wetlands help avert flood damage: Study says leaving wetlands in their natural state can help protect communities from severe flooding.” A Sept. 25, 2017 Guardian article is entitled: “What would an entirely flood-proof city look like? The wetter the better. […]


Links related to a differential approach to climate change at City of Mississauga as compared to the City of Toronto

I have previously noted that the City of Mississauga appears many light years ahead of the City of Toronto in relation to community engagement (that is, getting citizens involved with planning decisions, in practice as well as in theory) and in relation to sustainability. I have attended Etobicoke-York Committee of Adjustment meetings in the past […]


How will Toronto weather the storms of climate change? Don’t ask the Committee of Adjustment; they would care less.

A Dec. 12, 2016 CBC article is entitled: “How will Toronto weather the storms of climate change?” I found the article of interest because the Etobicoke-York Committee of Adjustment would not care less, in its decision-making process, about the removal of trees as part of development in Etobicoke and it would not care less about […]


Perception is reality does not apply to climate change

Updates When I say that perception is reality does not apply in the case of climate change I’m saying that reality in this case obtrudes – as contested to many other situations in life, where evidence and facts can readily be ignored in favour of varied preferred ways of seeing things. A book that comes […]