What’s with the weather? Message from Jim Bradley, MPP, St. Catharines, regarding climate change

Ontario Liberal Party

Here in Ontario, we know that climate change is a significant issue. We vividly remember the recent flood in Toronto and watched in sympathy as our friends in Calgary suffered from a devastating flood. It’s clear that weather patterns are changing and that storms are getting stronger and more frequent.

The effects of climate change can bring incredible damage to our homes, our property, and the infrastructure we rely on, with very real costs to the people of this province. That’s why we are taking action within all ministries to prepare our province for what lies ahead.

One of the most significant ways that we have fought back against the effects of climate change is through increased support for public transportation, spending approximately $13 billion on public transit since we took office. Through investment in public transit, we are addressing the environmental challenges we face today and helping to protect our environment for the next generation.

Our investments in public transit are just one part of a government wide focus on making Ontario a safe and healthy place to raise your family. We have invested in green energy technology, increased energy conservation efforts across the province, and protected millions of acres of green space so that we can enjoy it for years to come. Last year, Ontario was even named Canada’s greenest province in the Green Provincial Report Card published by the Corporate Knights.

Together, let’s continue protecting our province now and for the future.


Jim Bradley
MPP, St. Catharines

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