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Symbolic interactionism, some critics assert, doesn’t attend to the “big picture”

I was interested to come across a blurb about symbolic interactions. The blurb refers to what are perceived as limitations of the theory: “Critics of this theory claim that symbolic interactionism neglects the macro level of social interpretation – the ‘big picture.’ In other words, symbolic interactionists may miss the larger issues of society by focusing too closely […]


Stories and frames

Stories and frames Update: The ‘Arab spring’ topic is of much interest. We have many choices regarding how we contextualize – that is, frame, or place within a framework – pivotal events (inflection points) that arose years ago. At all times, our access to the past, to history in whichever form, is through the portal […]


A story about a former Toronto mayor

I’ve recently read a great study by John Filion about a former Toronto mayor. Newspaper journalists do not necessarily do a great job of it when they write a full-length book. The skills associated with journalism may or may not make for a great book-length text. John Filion has been a City of Toronto councillor for 15 […]


Last-minute notes as we get closer to Oct. 17 MCHS ’60s Reunion

Click on the photos to enlarge them – including of the photos the salmon swimming and jumping; click again to enlarge them further   Yearbook or age-17 or undergrad photos of Spouses/Guests To the extent it’s possible, we’d like to include yearbook (from whatever highs school) or age-17 or undergrad photos of Spouses/Guests. I’ve contacted a […]


Glen Gatenby argues that William Faulkner’s 1918 flying lessons in Toronto launched the writer’s literary career

I’ve read many accounts of William Faulkner’s stay in Toronto where he took flying lessons with the aim of becoming a First World War fighter pilot. On occasion, I’ve observed that a writer, describing the novelist’s stay in Toronto apparently accepts, at face value, Faulkner’s description of the time he allegedly landed with his plane upside stuck […]


The Luminaries (2013) is the winner of the 2013 Man Booker Prize and Governor General’s Award for Fiction

I heard about The Luminaries (2013), by Eleanor Catton, through Twitter mentions, articles at CBC and elsewhere, and CBC radio segments highlighting the book’s receipt of the 2013 Man Booker Prize. A Feb. 19, 2014 Sydney Morning Herald article is entitled: “Frenzy of fame: Man Booker winner Eleanor Catton is happy to return to a […]