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Drug wars and the power of rhetoric

An Oct. 18, 2013 Toronto Star article is entitled: “Mental illness: is ‘chemical imbalance’ theory a myth?” Chemical balance theory has fallen in status The subhead reads: “The chemical imbalance theory has fallen in status from bedrock scientific principle to mere marketing device in the minds of many researchers.” The assumption is questioned that brain […]


Rhetoric of heritage preservation

Update: A Feb. 21, 2014 New Yorker article is entitled: “Why is academic writing so academic?” [End of update]   We can speak of rhetoric from a variety of perspectives. Rhetoric is a great topic for academic study. By way of example, early in his career Marshall McLuhan developed expertise in rhetoric as a field of […]


Here’s the church and there’s the congregation – Church and sect in Canada (1948)

What space can be used for is a question that concerns the geographical imagination, in the sense that James A. Tyner (2012) speaks of a person’s imagination. Although Tyner has, in the above-noted study, applied the concept of the geographical imagination specifically to the study of genocide, his conceptualization is equally applicable to other discussions – that […]