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Good to see story from The Eyeopener, Ryerson University’s student newspaper, picked up by CBC

A Jan. 25, 2019 CBC article is entitled: “Ryerson Students’ Union under pressure to explain ‘baffling’ $250K credit card bill: Credit card statement includes purchases at the LCBO, a shisha lounge and a credit risk company.” It will be of interest to follow how the story, which demonstrates the value of following the evidence, unfolds. […]


History begins with definition of terms

At a recent post, I began to write about my approach, as a layperson, to reading about history: Article by Andres Kasekamp: “Fascism by Popular Initiative: The Rise and Fall of the Vaps Movement in Estonia” (2015) In his 2015 article, Kasekamp comments (p. 156): “Using Stanley Payne’s typology of fascism [3], I have previously argued […]


Of interest to local history buffs: City background files from 2016 investigation report regarding conduct of a local councillor

A previous post, of interest to local history enthusiasts (who may be relatively few in numbers, but they are enthusiastic nonetheless) in South Etobicoke, is entitled: On July 12, 2016 Toronto City Council Agenda: Investigation report regarding conduct of Ward 6 Councillor Mark Grimes At the current post, I will share the contents of the […]


‘Of course, bold socialists intent on destroying rather than reforming capitalism have brought about some rather unpleasant historical outcomes’ – Aug. 2, 2018 Atlantic Monthly article

An Aug. 2, 2018 Atlantic Monthly article is entitled: “The Hunger for a Bold Socialism: The political preferences of two college professors, writing in a prominent leftist journal, are informed by the belief that ‘making people’s lives materially better isn’t enough.’” An excerpt from the article reads: “Of course, bold socialists intent on destroying rather […]


Learning to live in a post-fact world, where persuasion is most effective under conditions where facts don’t matter, is nothing new

I am currently working on my next opinion article for the Etobicoke Guardian / website, concerning the dismal history of land-use decision making in Long Branch. In a previous article, submitted on June 30, 2018, I spoke of the very desirable lakefront community of Long Branch. A subtext to my description of Long Branch – […]


Can the Alexander Technique help people who stutter speak more fluently?

I was interested to read an article, in the February 2018 newsletter of the Canadian Stuttering Association, about the Alexander Technique. The article describes the Alexander Technique as a speech therapy technique that aims to address stuttering at the subconscious level, by releasing what is described as a subconsciously engrained form of muscle tension – […]


Falsehoods penetrate further, faster, and deeper than accurate information on Twitter: Massive MIT study

A March 8, 2018 Atlantic Monthly article is entitled: “The Grim Conclusions of the Largest-Ever Study of Fake News: Falsehoods almost always beat out the truth on Twitter, penetrating further, faster, and deeper into the social network than accurate information.” An abstract of the Science article, on which the Atlantic Monthly article is based, reads as […]