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Gaslighting and stereotyping: One augments the other

A previous post is entitled: Perceptions of warmth and competence drive our stereotypes: Cuddy et al. (2008) I’ve written a number of posts about stereotyping. Click here for previous posts about stereotyping > Gaslighting I have the sense that there’s a close connection between stereotyping and gaslighting. Below are links to three articles that describe […]


Storytelling: Getting attention; playing the role; collaboration

This post concerns three key features or elements of storytelling. At a previous post, I have noted some insights that have occurred to me regarding storytelling. Some subsequent posts are entitled: CBC The Current podcast: We are natural storytelling machines, not statisticians – The Undoing Project (2017) The elements of storytelling include (4) backstaging and (5) re-inhabitation […]


Conserving Long Branch – September 2016 Update Addendum from David Godley

A previous message is entitled: Conserving Long Branch – September 2016 Update from David Godley: Redevelopment proposal for apartments on Lake Promenade  The following message is from David Godley of Long Branch Summer Greetings, Dear Mayor John Tory, I am aware of the many excellent projects you are pursuing and would like to bring one […]


Perceptions of warmth and competence drive our stereotypes: Cuddy et al. (2008)

This post deals with bias and prejudice. I first highlight a recent Guardian article, after which I outline recent academic research related to the dynamics of bias and prejudice. An Aug. 16, 2016 Guardian article is entitled: “The dark history of Donald Trump’s rightwing revolt.” The subhead reads: “The Republican intellectual establishment is united against […]


To what extent do neighbourhood Facebook groups serve as virtual gated communities?

An April 28, 2016 Walrus article is entitled: “Neighbourhood Watch: How social networks lead to racial profiling. Welcome to Canada’s new virtual gated communities.” This is an interesting article about identity politics in Montreal and Toronto. I belong to a closed Neighbourhood Watch Facebook group in the neighbourhood where I live; for that reason among others […]