One of my ongoing projects is to post the text of a final version of a biography of Mr. Ramcharan, that Ken Kingsbury sent to me some time back. I aim to post it sometime at the end of 2018 or start of 2019. I tend to be quite slow at working with such material, but in time most of the projects that I’ve planned to complete do get completed.

In the meantime, Steven Lesser (MCHS 1973) has shared some great comments, about this fabled Math teacher.

Steven Lesser (MCHS 1973) recalls that Mr. Ramcharan, ace Math teacher, also wrote the graduates’ names on their graduation certificates

Some time back, Steven Lesser wrote to me, in an email (and has subsequently given me permission to post) the following message:

Hi Jaan:

I didn’t graduate from MCHS in the 1960’s so I had only a passing interest in the reunion for 1960’s graduates. My interest was mostly in the website for the event, which provided lots of pleasant memories and old stories.

I didn’t know know, until minutes ago, that you have kept the website going. I see that not long ago there were posts about Alfred Ramcharan, aka “Freddie,” who was my Functions teacher at MCHS.

Mr. Ramcharan was beloved by his students. He was the homeroom teacher for the class of 1972, and the inspiration for their Class Choir performance when they sang Neil Sedaka’s “Hey, Little Devil.”

In Functions class, Mr. Ramcharan occasionally asked us to draw an angle of any size on a blank sheet of paper. Then he would walk up and down the rows of desks an estimate each angle’s size in degrees. Rarely was he off by more than 2 or 3 degrees.

Mr. Ramcharan loved music, and he would ask us to lend him records of music from our ethnic cultures. He really appreciated this.

He had two suits that he would alternate: dark gray and light gray. I don’t think I ever saw him when he wasn’t wearing a white shirt and a tie.

Finally, many will remember Mr. Ramcharan’s exquisite handwriting. He was the one who wrote the graduates’ names on their graduation certificates.

Thank you for allowing me this brief trip down memory lane. And thank you for keeping the website alive.

Steven Lesser, Class of 1973

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